The Power of Feelings

by Navid Zaidi

The mind is everything. What you think you become ——–Buddha

As you think so shall you be ——- Jesus

Once a tall young man came to Lahore from the town of Merv in Afghanistan. He went to see the venerable saint Ali Hujwiri (990-1077), the patron saint of Lahore, Pakistan, popularly known as Data Ganj Bakhsh (the Master who bestows treasures) to seek guidance. He told the saint that he was hemmed in by his enemies and didn’t know what to do. He said he felt like glass in the midst of stones.

Saint Hujwiri replied:

” You have not learned anything about life. Be without fear of others !  You are a sleeping force: awake!  When the stone thinks of itself as glass, it becomes glass and gets on the way of breaking. When the traveler considers himself weak, he delivers his soul to the robbers. How long will you regard yourself as water and clay? Why are you complaining about enemies; your enemy is your friend. Your enemy crowns you with glory. You should consider a powerful enemy to be a blessing from God. To the seed of Man the enemy is as a rain-cloud; he awakens its potentialities. If your spirit is strong, the stones in your way are like water. What is the use of eating and sleeping like a beast? What is the use of being unless you have strength in yourself. Know the states of Self and be a man of action, like Joseph, advance from captivity to empire ! ”

What does the Sufi saint really mean?

Our feelings have a lot to do with who we are and what we do. They play a major role in our circumstances and the people that show up in our lives. What we focus on, our beliefs, our fears, our worries and doubts become our reality because they are present in our minds.

We make our world with our thoughts. If we think we are weak we become weak, and if we think we are strong we become strong. Everything is energy and with our thoughts we send our vibrations into the universe, we get back what we send out there. It is a law, just like the law of gravitation, we have the law of attraction.

If we think we are strong we will send a strong signal to the universal field and we will start attracting all the strength in our lives, all the wonderful situations and people that will make us stronger. Like attracts like.

Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right ——- Henry Ford                                   

We become what we think about all day long   ——-   Ralph Waldo Emerson

If we want to change our lives we have to change the way we think. Shift our attention from weakness and illness towards strength, health and happiness. Keep an open mind. Be patient. Have faith.

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