Founding Authors

Ali Hammad

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Cardiologist, writer, photographer, itinerant, world citizen, born in Pakistan, life spent equally in Pakistan and the US, now residing just south of the geographic center of the US and firmly in the middle of nowhere—a suitable place for a Sufi aspirant.

Navid Zaidi

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Pulmonologist, intensivist, writer, humanist, born in Pakistan, life spent equally in Pakistan and the US, now residing in Missouri at the confluence of four states—symbolically appropriate for one who believes in a coming together of people.

Kamran Zafar

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Businessman, free thinker, critical analyst, humanist, challenger of status quo, born in Pakistan, now residing in small-town America where, in affirmation of his previous thought, he continues to find common roots between human beings.

Modaser Shah

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Psychiatrist, skeptic, philologist, multilinguist, student of philosophy, born in Pakistan, life spent mostly outside Pakistan, schooled in Medicine in Japan, now practicing in middle America and in pursuit of Hegelian synthesis from small town thesis and anithesis.

Tabassum Saba

Psychiatrist, teacher, seeker, observer, scientist, spiritualist, egalitarian, born in Pakistan, residing in small-town USA, on a mission of alleviation of human misery and attainment of core peace.

4 Responses to Authors

  1. mgadelmawla says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and thank you for your generosity.
    May Allah bless you and bless your families.
    Happy Ramadan In Shaa Allah

  2. Karin Santos Teixeira says:

    Awesome! I loved the way you told the history! may dear God helps us all to love each other, beyond our personal point of view! Peace ! Greetings from Brazil.

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