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Sufi Lives: Rabia

by Ali Hammad More than a millennium has passed since the times of Rabia, the patron saint of Sufism. The events of her life are now shrouded in an impenetrable veil of time. A few scraps of her biography are … Continue reading

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The Primacy of Life and Consciousness

by Navid Zaidi All things are one.  —Heraclitus, On the Universe  (540-480 BC) Classical physics proposes that the universe was, until rather recently, a lifeless collection of particles bouncing against each other. Life and Consciousness arose by an unknown process … Continue reading

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Nasruddin’s Walk: How to Fail Better

by Modaser Shah “We are still not where we are going, but we are still not where we were.”—Natasha Jasefowitz in 2500 Years of Wisdom by D.W.Brown “Menschen werden als Originale geboren, die meisten sterben als Schablonen.”—Kierkegaard in Ganzheitlicher KALENDER … Continue reading

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