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Musashi’s way; Trump as the Other.

In order to see, act… In order to stay the same, change (Heinz von Foerster) You can’t face yourself or turn away from yourself because you are IT What do you need to understand? Can the eye see itself? (Zen … Continue reading

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Questions, Terrorism, and Nasruddin’s beard

by Modaser Shah Consider this Nasruddin scenario: Mullah Nasruddin has become a celebrity, much sought after. This forces him to resort to disguises to evade “fans” and their questions. A beard, if long enough, would serve purpose. One morning the Mullah … Continue reading

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Laalii (The Crimson of Shyness)

by Ali Hammad This is an ode to Love. Love is the theme of Existence and Creation in the Sufi thought.   The poetry is in a strict metre and rhyme that characterizes what is known as “ghazal” in Urdu … Continue reading

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The Defeat of “Love Trumps Hate”

by Modaser Shah Zen, which is mostly practice and not theory, requires three things: Great Faith, Great Doubt, and Great Perseverance. Following the recent election of Donald Trump, to many practitioners of Zen, and the Sufis, and the humanists, and the universalists, it … Continue reading

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Absorbing Information

by Navid Zaidi The subatomic particles that make up everything in the cosmos, or the laws of Physics, Gravity, Thermodynamics and so on, are considered to be the basic building blocks of the universe. However, some physicists now claim there … Continue reading

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Personality and Our Muslim Identity

by Navid Zaidi Life is a forward assimilative movement and in humans the center of life becomes a Person. Personality is strengthened by Love. Although the word ‘Love’ is used in a very wide sense, it means the desire to … Continue reading

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Nasruddin’s Incompleteness Theorem: Can the “Great” Past/the Promised Land be Realized?

by Modaser Shah     Mullah Nasruddin, the wise fool of Sufism, had a narrative that was often obscure. Once when he left something incomplete and unexplained people asked him for more. He said, “The cause and effect cannot be … Continue reading

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