Sufi Snaps: 21st Century Citizen (A photo and a poem)

by Ali Hammad

IMG_0232 - Version 2


Uncertainty a certainty,
particle is a wave-quantum;
now you know my position,
can you tell my momentum?
Am I dead or alive or
a Schrödinger cat?

Photograph and poem by Ali Hammad
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4 Responses to Sufi Snaps: 21st Century Citizen (A photo and a poem)

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  2. Pete Mayo says:

    Quite often I discuss things with atheists materialists at an Amazon forum. They get me to ponder different questions: What is spiritual substance if not material? What is the substance of God? In the “time-space continuum” what is reali thing that can be warped, extended or protracted? Does it all just get smaller and smaller? Finer and finer? purer and purer? Is there a limit other than that of our perception? Mystery seems a good place to find rest from the probing. Just be in what is.
    Thanks for you contributions here.

    • sufiways says:

      Materialism, too, like other beliefs, I think, is a belief. My question to the materialist is this: Is the basic unit of matter a particle, a wave , both, or none? If the smallest unit of matter is a quark, what is the space between two quarks? Is that space matter or non-matter? If it is matter, then what are the properties of that matter? If it is not matter, it would be logical to think that there is something outside of matter.

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