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A Life of Purpose

by Kamran Zafar He always felt in his heart that love had no color, language, religion, boundary, or barrier. And even deeper in his heart he knew that the purpose of life was a life of purpose. Yes, he thought, … Continue reading

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What is Sufism? Part 1: Introduction

by Navid Zaidi The phenomenon of Sufism and the spiritual life in Islam is such a broad topic that nobody can venture to describe it fully. Each of the blind men in Rumi’s famous story, when asked to touch an … Continue reading

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Sufi Snaps: Escape

I never hear the word “Escape” Without a quicker blood, A sudden expectation – A flying attitude!               ….Emily Dickinson Source of Emily Dickinson excerpt: Photo by Ali Hammad

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Zen, Tao, Sufism, Wittgenstein (and Lacan?)

by Modaser Shah A big subject, indeed.  I have been thinking about writing a post on it for some time but have been shrinking from it, looking for some inspiration in books and our local small Sufi group discussions.  When I … Continue reading

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Sufi Snaps: Immanence (A photo and a poem)

by Ali Hammad Shipless a sea Gravid a zephyr A road at its tail Or maybe the mouth You on your Red Adirondack Dozing away The rising day Your breath deep And ponderous Pulling me in Ship unwitting Vortex unseen … Continue reading

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Personality, Love, and Asking

A View Counter to the Sufi Philosophy of Cosmic Absorption (Fana Fillah) in Dr Allama Iqbal’s poem ‘Secrets of the Self’ (Asrar-e-Khudi) by Navid Zaidi Napoleon said, ‘ I am a thing, not a person. ‘ So, what am I? … Continue reading

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Mystic Door

by Ali Hammad The wind was picking up when I left office. By the time I got home, it was turning into a gale. The wind in Kansas is always strong. Sometimes I have thought of hitching a ride on … Continue reading

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