Silence is Golden

by Navid Zaidi

چُپ کر کے کریں گزارے نوں

سچ سن کے لوک نہ سہندے نیں
سچ آکھیے تاں گل پیندے نیں
پھر سچے پاس نہ بہندے نیں
سچ مٹھا عاشق پیارے نوں

چُپ کر کے کریں گزارے نوں

Pass your time by keeping silent.
People can’t bear to hear the Truth,
You speak the truth and they pounce on you.
They hate to sit by the truthful,
The Truth tastes sweet only to the lover.
Pass your time by keeping silent.  …………Bulleh Shah

We argue with others due to our attachment to being right. It is one of our strongest attachments. We engage in arguments about trivial matters. That turns into disagreements. That leads to anger born out of our sense of self-righteousness. All of that happens due to our ego’s desire to be right. So, shun the addiction of being right.  Embrace the potent silence. Just say ‘You are right,’ and move on, but let this be an act of kindness and sincerity, rather than sarcasm.

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